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Sun Calendar app    Help Document

Getting Started

Sun & Moon Screen

Sun and Moon screen

Calendar Screen

Calendar screen

Locate Screen

Locate screen

Locate Screen — GPS

Locate Screen — Search

Locate Screen — Red Pin

Red pin on the Locate screen

Favorites Screen

Favorites screen

Settings Screen


iTunes Shared Folder

This app uses a shared folder on this iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that is accessible from a computer running the iTunes application. This folder stores the Calendar.pdf, Calendar.csv and log files. To access these files:

You can add files to this folder, but please don't—the app is not expecting any new files there. You can delete any of these files (the app will recreate them as needed), but it is not recommended. You may delete the file ESEAbortLog.txt if the app keeps asking you to delete it. Email support for more information.



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